YouTube Marketing: How To Improve The Performance Of Your Channel

 YouTube Marketing: How To Improve The Performance Of Your Channel

Currently, YouTube is one of the most influential digital platforms. Every day, its users around the world watch more than a billion hours of video. This power motivates content creators to master YouTube Marketing to conquer audiences. Learn here five strategies to achieve it.

The performance of your channel: a key factor for YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing consists of strategies to improve the performance of your content. Once you know how to create a YouTube channel, you need to know the metrics that show its performance:

  1. Content marketing in e-commerce
  2. Viewing time of a video.
  3. Video retention rate (average percentage of the video that the audience watches per view).
  4. Number of visits in a video and to the channel.
  5. The number of subscribers to the channel.
  6. Most popular videos.
  7. Traffic sources.
  8. Viewer demographics.
  9. Engagement (what your users play and how they interact with it).

Likewise, it is convenient that you know how YouTube SEO works since searches are an important source of viewers. The platform prioritizes three elements when ranking results for a query:

Relevance. The correspondence between search terms and the title, tags, description, and content of the video.

Engagement. Interactions show that a video is interesting, making it relevant to a query.

Quality. YouTube defines which channels exhibit expertise, authority, and trust in a topic.

YouTube Marketing Strategies to Boost a Channel

Here are some YouTube Marketing tactics to promote videos and improve your channel performance.

1. Optimize metadata

The metadata describes a video for both users and YouTube. They are title, description, tags, category, thumbnail, subtitles, and closed captions. Its clarity and correspondence with the content ensure that the video is indexed so that it appears as a search result.


  1. Put the keyword naturally in the video title.
  2. Tag your video with popular keywords related to your topic.
  3. Create custom thumbnails (option available for verified channels). The most attractive ones contain a balanced mix of human faces, text, and graphics.
  4. Add cards and end screens to your video to promote content from your channel.
  5. Avoid creating misleading, offensive, or repulsive titles and thumbnails. YouTube Marketing points out that videos with this type of information are less likely to be recommended in a query.

2. Video sharing

A. Bring in viewers from other platforms:

B. Share your videos on your social networks.

C. Include them on your business website or in your blog posts. Videos are a multimedia resource appreciated by digital readers.

D. Embed your videos in your newsletters or email campaigns.

E. Make videos in collaboration with other key players in your field, especially those with the largest audiences on YouTube.

3. Promote videos

Advertise your channel with paid ads on YouTube. They may be:

  1. Discovery ads. They appear in the home, in search results, and as videos related to others already seen.
  2. In-stream ads. They are played during viewing a video (before it starts or in progress when the video exceeds ten minutes).
  3. Display and overlay ads. They appear next to or on top of other currently playing videos.

The payment model in YouTube Marketing is the cost per view (CPV). Thus, you only pay when someone interacts with your ad. If the user skips it, you don’t pay for that view.

4. Personalize videos on your channel

YouTube Marketing allows customization of your channel page. Thus, you can choose a specific video or playlist to receive new visitors or to interest your subscribers. Also, featured videos can play automatically. If the user doesn’t pause them quickly, you can get views with them.

This strategy helps get views on certain videos, which helps improve your ranking on YouTube.

5. Use playlists

Playlists group your content together in a convenient way for your viewers. In terms of the performance of your channel, they are useful since they channel the user experience. When a video is part of a playlist, the next auto-playing video is another one from your channel chosen by you.

Like personalization, this tactic helps boost a viewer’s views on more than one of your videos.

YouTube Marketing offers various possibilities to boost the performance of your channel. Like other media for content marketing, this platform rewards excellence in substance and form. To create useful and attractive material for your audience which meets the platform’s standards of form.

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