A Guide to the Different Types of Nose Piercings

Nose Piercings

Did you know that body piercings come with a variety of health benefits, especially around your ears and face?

Aside from getting your ears pierced, you can experience peace of mind and better mental health with a nose piercing. 

If you’re interested in getting parts of your nose pierced for appearance or health reasons, there are a few things to know. 

Keep reading to discover the different types of nose piercings and the benefits of each kind! 


One of the best types of nose piercings is the bridge location. 

Bridge piercings go straight through your nose horizontally and are located between the eyes. This became a popular sensation after social media influencers started adding gems for a unique look. A hollow piercing needle gets used when getting the piercing, which creates a faster healing time. 

You can be healed up within 3 weeks and start searching for unique barbell jewelry that’s curved. Since bridge piercings only go through the skin, they don’t impact your nasal cavities and sinuses. 

If you’re considering this piercing, talk to your doctor about it first and understand your allergies. Some people have adverse reactions and their bodies reject the piercing. 

Austin Bar

If you’re nervous about nose piercing aftercare and allergies, the Austin bar piercing is recommended.

Austin bar piercings don’t go through your nasal cavity, making them ideal for people with seasonal allergies. This piercing goes through the tip of your nose at a horizontal angle. When the piercing is inside, it will look like two gems on the outside tips of your nose. 

The Austin bar nose piercing healing time is around 2.5 months. Barbell jewelry will be your best option if you get this type of nose piercing. 

High Nostril

If you want a cute nose piercing, you should get your high nostril done.

High nostril piercings in the crease of your nose can accentuate your face and improve your mood. You can use a marker to identify the best placement for your piercing. If you have a narrow nasal passageway, you may want to avoid this piercing since it can impact the sinuses.

You should expect a longer healing period with this piercing, it typically takes 6 to 9 months. Since a gauge needle is required, you will want to look at nose studs, L-shaped jewelry, and nose bones.


Many people like the appearance of the Austin bar, but the piercing can be uncomfortable and intimidating.

If you want to get a similar look, without as much pain, you should get the nasallang piercing. Nasallang piercings run through the inner septum of both nostrils. The jewelry sits at the tip of your nose, slightly to the sides. Straight barbells are recommended when you start with this style.

It’s common for people to notice an improvement in their mental health when they get this piercing. Acupuncture around the nose has been known to improve a person’s mood, which is another benefit of this unique piercing. 


Nostril piercings are likely the most popular choice amongst men and women.

Within 6 months, you can recover from the healing process and show off your beautiful jewelry. Nostril piercings run through the center of the nostrils and you can use a variety of jewelry styles. 

Nose hoops, studs, screws, and L-bend jewelry are best in this position. If you want hoops, you should wait for the hole to heal so it doesn’t get caught and rip the piercing. This piercing can add a small sparkle to your nose or you can use a bold stud to make a statement. 


If you want a unique nose piercing that will make you stand out from the crowd, the rhino is your best choice.

Rhino piercings start at the tip of the nose and extend through the septum. Curved barbell jewelry will fit the piercing, and the gems will appear stacked. With one gem at the top of your nose and another between your nostrils, you can still breathe and get creative. 

Although this piercing may seem intimidating, it is done with a standard needle and heals within 6 months. 


Another common nose piercing is done through the septum. Many people know this piercing as a bull piercing. 

Captive, segment and horseshoe rings are meant for septum piercings. You may notice improvements in your mood with a septum nose ring, but if you get bad allergies, you should avoid this option. The rings are easy to remove, however, they can cause congestion and infections. 

Unlike most nose piercings, septum styles take less than 3 months to heal. Since the jewelry goes through the cartilage dividing the nostrils, it has a faster recovery time. 

Septum piercings can look subtle and sweet with a thin ring. You can also display your bold side with chunky jewelry and bright colors. 

What Types of Nose Piercings Will You Consider? 

As more companies allow tattoos and piercings, people aren’t as afraid of showing their personalities. 

Discovering the types of nose piercings can prevent you from making an uncomfortable mistake. Whether you want to add a sparkle to your face or solve a chronic condition, piercings can benefit you. If you’re scared to get the piercing, you can test it out with an adhesive jewel. 

Once you find the right style, you can feel confident from the inside out with a new gem on your nose. 

Make sure you check out our page for more content about nose piercing jewelry and improving your health! 

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